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Emily McAteer is a companion animal vet and has practiced small animal veterinary medicine in Ireland
and in the UK for the past 24 years. She qualified from UCD Veterinary faculty in 1990.  She gained her
experience in busy clinics in London until 1998, when she moved to rural Wales where she continued to
practice with small animals.  She set up and established her own veterinary practice in 2000.  In 2010
she moved home to Dublin and in 2013 she took over a small practice in Portmarnock where she runs
Portmarnock Vet Clinic

As time progressed in her own clinic she began to explore more holistic forms of medicine. She found
that some chronic long term cases were not responding to treatment and there was "something
missing".  Something was required to kick start an animal's immune system into fighting the disease
process that existed. She then discovered that homeopathy fitted perfectly into this gap and has been
using it successfully ever since. Over the years she has refined her skills and incorporated other forms
of holistic medicine, treating he body as whole, not just individual organ systems as is done in
conventional medicine.

Emily uses a combination of conventional and holistic therapies. She tailors the treatment plan to the
individual animal's and the owner's requirements. She takes the time to listen to the owner's concerns
and gets to know her patients. She treats the animal as a whole and uses herbal, nutritional and
homeopathic remedies and will recommend other treatments such as acupuncture when they are
necessary. She believes in enhancing an animal's quality of life and supporting the human animal bond.
I am committed to providing a personal, comprehensive, professional holistic veterinary referral service to the public
and to veterinary colleagues for small animals in homeopathy, nutritional and herbal medicine.