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I am committed to providing a personal, comprehensive, professional holistic veterinary service to people and their pets.

There are many diseases and conditions which are long term and, although they may respond well to conventional medicine the side effects of modern drugs
can sometimes out weigh the benefits. I am here to provide an alternative option. Holistic medicine includes all forms of natural therapies and is particularly
effective in conditions such as allergies, skin disease, digestive complaints, arthritis and organ dysfunction (such as kidney, heart or liver disease). It can also
be effective in terminal conditions such as cancer and can significantly prolong an animal's life and improve the quality of that life.

Most complaints can be treated holistically. Alternative medicine can also be used to improve recovery from surgery, speeding an animal's return to full vitality.
It can be used to counteract the side effects of vaccination. Behavioural disorders such as aggression, phobias and inappropriate soiling can also be treated.

My experience in conventional medicine means that I can recognise when it is necessary to fall back on modern drugs, diagnostic techniques and surgery,
using all of the available disciplines to ensure that you pet recovers and remains healthy for as long as possible.